iOS Developer

Amman - الأردن - Amman

Strong understanding of structural design patterns especially MVVM, VIP (Clean Swift)

Reactive programming knowledge using RxSwift 

Build iOS applications using SwiftUI and Combine is a plus

Experience with Cocoapods and integrating third-party libraries and APIs

Solid experience with Git (version control system) and work collaboration with team members

Teamwork sprit


4+ years of iOS development experience 

Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle 

Published one or more iOS apps in the app store

Proficient with Swift using Xcode

Strong Object-Oriented design skills with understanding of common design paradigms and software design patterns

تاريخ النشر: ١٢ سبتمبر ٢٠٢١
الناشر: Bayt
تاريخ النشر: ١٢ سبتمبر ٢٠٢١
الناشر: Bayt