Sales Specialist

Raqami TV

Jordan - Amman

Expired Job ( Read Warning First)

Posted date 6 September 2019
Location Jordan - Amman
Job Type Employee
Company Raqami TV

Raqami TV is the largest tech-focused YouTube channel in the Arab Region, it has more than 4 million followers on YouTube and Social Media.

Raqami is looking for a Sales Specialist.

Sales Specialist Responsibilities: 

  1. Establish relationships with advertising agencies to secure advertising on Raqami tv YouTube channel and SM accounts. 
  2. Handle business-related administrative work, such as PR and setting meetings, etc.
  3. Start initiatives to secure funding and investment for Raqami, such as talking to large media companies, and get CSR support for the company. 
  4. Work to generate revenue through direct sales.
  5. Build a strong pipeline to reach the monthly sales target.
  6. Create and develop new techniques for online sales.
  7. Contact partners through, but not limited to, phone calls, email, skype, and mailings,  to communicate opportunities to extend initiatives with the company.
  8. Create and develop sales strategies to enhance business growth.
  9. Ensure reporting and communications is frequent and bi-directional.

Main Requirements:

  1. Solid experience in PR and Sales.
  2. At least one year of experience in selling online.
  3. Tech-savvy and has knowledge of the latest tech news.
  4. Able to work alone and under pressure.
  5. Profound English skills.

Job type: Full-Time - remote work

Salary: Fixed salary and commission (All based on experience).