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 The Haisenberg Company for
Management & Immigration Consulting services is one of the top recruitment and Immigration Company’s
worldwide. And one of the legally licensed companies under global and local
levels to offer consultancy services.

We are experts in the global
search and selection industry – we work with professional and managerial talent
worldwide. Every day we help business all around the world to find talent they
need in order to drive their growth, profit and long term success.

 Haisenberg for
immigration provides distinguished and credible services which are designed
especially for you and is characterized by confidentiality and specialty.


  • Advise you about the right type of immigration
    applications for you and your family that have the best chance of success
    or have the fastest government processing times.

  • Prepare your immigration applications so that
    they have the best chance of success.

  • We are your legal representatives with the
    government throughout the process.

  • Prepare you for interviews during the
    application process and at the border entry point.

  • Help people get (Green Card-permanent residence
    and citizenship so that they can live in USA – Canada – Australia – New
    Zealand   as quickly and easily as possible.